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Journal of Catalan Intellectual History - JOCIH 2011

Journal of Catalan Intellectual History - JOCIH 2011


220 Pages
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As shown by the Catalan name of the journal –Revista d’Història de la Filosofia Catalana– the JOCIH focuses mainly on philosophy. However, we understand intellectual history as a synonymous of cultural heritage in a broader sense. From this point of view, we consider cultural history, the history of ideas and the history of philosophy as different and acceptable perspectives on this same matter. Authors are encouraged to submit papers on philosophy, humanities, social sciences, religion, art and other related subjects from a historical approach. But essays and more general reflections are welcome.

Not only does the journal offer articles on specific topics, but it also contains critical reviews of editorial novelties, memory documentaries and exhaustive bio-bibliographies of the different Catalan, Valencian, Balearic or Northern Catalan authors (especially from 18th to 21st centuries). However, the JOCIH aims at fostering the international research on Catalan intellectual history from the sixteenth century as well. The website associated with the journal ( offers updated news on publications and academic events related to Catalan Philosophy, difficult-to-access books, articles published in other journals and audiovisual materials.

Volume I - Issue 1

Introduction. From one era to another


Ignasi Casanovas and Frederic Clascar. Historiography and rediscovery of the thought of the 1700s and 1800s. Miquel Batllori

The “Pre-Fascism” Argument: the Study of Authoritarianism in the 20th Century (from a Catalan-Spanish Viewpoint). Jordi Casassas-Ymbert

Pre-university textbooks at the beginning of the 19th century: Grammar, Rhetoric and Philosophy. Ignasi Roviró-Alemany


The writings of Josep Torras i Bages (1846-1916) on Francesc Xavier Llorens i Barba (1820-1872)


Jaume Serra Hunter (1878-1943). Josep Monserrat and Xavier Serra


Filosofia catalana medieval i moderna (Catalan Medieval and Modern Philosophy), Enrahonar. Quaderns de Filosofia, no. 42, 2009, 178 p. Editors: Jaume Mensa i Valls, Mercè Rius; “Filosofia catalana del segle XX” (20th Century Catalan Philosophy), Enrahonar. Quaderns de Filosofia, no. 44, 2010, 140 p. Editor: Jaume Mensa i Valls. Pere Rossell

Joan Cortada i Hortalà, La filosofia de Josep Maria Capdevila (The Philosophy of Josep Maria Capdevila), Barcelona: Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat 2008. Sílvia Gómez-Soler

Miquel Carreras i Costajussà, i la filosofia catalana d’entreguerres (1918- 1939) [Miquel Carreras i Costajussà and Catalan philosophy of the interwar period (1918-1939)]. Edited and complied by Pompeu Casanovas, Barcelona: The Catalan Philosophical Society and the Bosch i Cardellach Foundation, 2009. Anna Punsoda

Volume I - Issue 2


On the Philosophers’ Exile and Pere Coromines’ Desterro. Jordi Sales- Coderch

Joan Roura-Parella and his Presence in the United States. Conrad Vilanou- Torrano

The Soul of the Earth and the Value of Art Joan Miró, Rodolf Llorens, Antoni Tàpies, Eduard Nicol… Joan Cuscó-Clarasó

Catalan Legal Mind and Legal Catalan Mind. A Brief Overview on Legal and Political Principles. Pompeu Casanovas


Joan Crexells (1896-1926). Details for a biography. Melcior Font (1905-1959)


Josep Maria Capdevila (1892-1972). A bibliographical study. Josep Cortada- Hortalà


Rodolf Llorens i Jordana (1910-1985). Servidumbre y grandeza de la filosofía. Lleonard Muntaner Editor, Palma, Mallorca, 2010. Ramon Alcoberro-Pericay

Gustau Muñoz (ed.), Els reaccionaris valencians: La tradició amagada (Valencian reactionaries: the hidden tradition), Catarroja, Afers, 2010. Salvador Vendrell-Grau

Xavier Serra, Història Social de la Filosofia Catalana. La Lògica (1900- 1980) (A social history of Catalan philosophy: Logic [1900-1980]), Valencia: Afers 2010. Josep Cortada-Hortalà

Joan Cuscó (Ed.), Filosofia i consciència: Francesc Xavier Llorens i Barba (Philosophy and Conscience: Francesc Xavier Llorens i Barba), Barcelona, Faculty of Philosophy. Universitat Ramon Llull, 2010. Xavier Serra

Articles and texts by:

Pompeu Casanovas
Josep Monserrat
Xavier Serra

Ramon Alcoberro-Pericay
Miquel Batllori
Jordi Casassas-Ymbert
Josep Cortada-Hortalà
Joan Cuscó-Clarasó
Melcior Font
Sílvia Gómez-Soler
Anna Punsoda
Pere Rossell
Ignasi Roviró-Alemany
Jordi Sales-Coderch
Josep Torras i Bages
Salvador Vendrell-Grau
Conrad Vilanou-Torrano

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