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Normas de gestión de las licencias urbanísticas de actividades. Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Normas de gestión de las licencias urbanísticas de actividades. Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Alfredo Galán Galán (Ed.)
Cayetano Prieto Romero (Ed.)

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846 Pages
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Normas de gestión de las licencias urbanísticas de actividades. Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Regulations on the administration of business licences. Madrid City Council

In June 2009, a Plenary Session of Madrid City Council passed the by-law establishing the city’s Business Licence Management and Control System. The most noteworthy legal innovation of these regulations is that they incorporate a public-private partnership system into the procedure for managing and issuing business licences.

In brief, the most noteworthy aspect is that duly-accredited private operators have been granted the power to issue the technical report that the Council uses as the basis for its decision on issuing the final licence (...)

This book provides a systematic and ordered compilation of the regulations and administrative provisions approved by Madrid City Council in this field of local authority activities. With it, the city’s administration aims to make it easier to know and understand the legal system applicable to the procedure and, additionally, ensure more effective implementation of the system designed by the 2009 by-law.

The book’s structure reflects the system followed in drawing up and implementing the by-law. Thus, the first part contains the basic regulations governing the procedure, including a listing of the key provisions that set its legal framework (...). The second part provides a compilation of the legal instruments that Madrid City Council has made use of to accredit and authorise the entities that take a technical part in the procedure. Technical and financial matters, as well as the system governing these players’ third-party liability, form the third part (...) The book’s fourth part covers the so-called “action protocols”, technical instruments designed to provide a methodological guide to control and monitoring activities in each of the sectors or areas covered by the business licence issuing procedure (...) The fifth part contains the organisational regulations approved by the City Council to bring its structure into line with the changes created by the 2009 by-law (...) Lastly, the book features an Annex of regulations that, due to its special relationship with the 2009 by-law, provides a general overview of all the sector-specific provisions that have an impact on the activity governed by the 2009 by-law”.

Extract from the Prologue by
Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón
Mayor of Madrid

Alfredo Galán Galán (Ed.)
Profesor Titular de Derecho Administrativo
Universidad de Barcelona

Cayetano Prieto Romero (Ed.)
Director General de Organización y Régimen Jurídico
Ayuntamiento de Madrid


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