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The Colombian Enigma

The Colombian Enigma

David Bondia Garcia
Toni Jiménez Luque

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264 Pages
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This book focuses its analysis on six aspects clearly present in Colombian state and society today: the native law of indigenous peoples, interculturality in the nation-state, the existence of mercenaries together with the army and guerrillas, the need to conserve the memory of the invisible victims of armed and social conflict, the fight against environmental degradation, the food crisis, the loss of biodiversity and the integrated, sustainable and non-mercantilist management of water. The book helps us decipher the codes that are hidden behind the Colombian enigma to provide the tools required to lay, as far as possible, the necessary groundwork for ending conflict in Colombia and for building stable, lasting peace in the country.

Dr. David Bondia Garcia

Tenured Professor in Public International Law and International Relations at the University of Barcelona, he has taught in a number of universities, both in Spain and abroad. His main lines of research include, among others, international human rights law, emerging human rights, international sanctions, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and different aspects of the Colombian conflict. He is Director of the Human Rights Institute of Catalonia and Member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Barcelona Solidarity Foundation.

Toni Jiménez Luque

Coordinator for international cooperation, human rights and interculturality at the University of Barcelona Solidarity Foundation. With a Bachelor’s Degree in History, he possesses Masters in International Studies, in Globalisation, Development and Cooperation and in Latin American Studies, from the University of Barcelona. He has worked at the UB Solidarity Foundation since 2004, coordinating projects and giving courses and talks, at home and abroad –in Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Algeria, DR Congo and Vietnam, among others.

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