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About the Encyclopedia

The Modern Encyclopaedia of Public International Law and European Law (MEPIL) is a comprehensive, multilingual and permanently updated resource of articles reviewed by international experts, which are essential for understanding international public and European Union law. It is being developed by more than 100 professors, researchers and professionals from around the world, specialists in their subject matters. Its content will be developed gradually over the course of five years from September 2013, and will be updated annually by its authors when there are meaningful changes. The goal of the MEPIL is to become a work of reference in international law teaching, research and divulgation. All the articles published in the work are subject to double-blind review by two specialists in the field, and their definitive version approved by consensus at a meeting of the Encyclopaedia’s Academic Council. Its Editor-in-Chief is Dr. Víctor M. Sánchez, Professor of Public International and European Law at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).

The names of the members of the Academic Council are provided in the Academic Council section, along with their summarised CVs. For its part, the Authors section contains the names of the Encyclopaedia’s current authors, again with brief CVs.


All the material on this website is the copyright of Huygens Editorial or has been reproduced with the permission of its copyright owners. Links to other websites or pages are governed by the rights reservation rules of where they are hosted. All materials that are the copyright of Huygens Editorial may be downloaded and printed solely for individual use. No material may be reproduced, modified, copied or placed on the web in any way whatsoever without Huygens Editorial’s prior permission.


How do I search for an article?

The Encyclopedia’s articles can be located by using keywords in the general search engine or the alphabetic indices by article, subject matter and author, which can be found on the Encyclopedia’s home page.

Once you have selected an article, you can:

  • See a preview of part of its content.
  • Purchase it. To do this, you have a number of options:
    • Make a single purchase of this one article, using a credit card.
    • Purchase credits allowing you to download various articles. Payment by credit card or bank transfer.
    • Subscribe to the Encyclopaedia to gain access to all the published articles, without restriction, for a year.


Individual articles:
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How are the entries indexed?

The Encyclopaedia’s entries are indexed by title, author and subject, and there is also a general search engine for the entire text. The articles contain the most important references to the bibliography and official documentation (treaties, rulings, reports, etc.) on the subject covered, to provide any researcher, teacher or student with the keys to continuing with their own research. Also provided, when possible to do so without infringing copyright, are links to documents, articles and other valuable resources.

What is the planned completion and updating timetable?

Completion of the Encyclopaedia’s 1,800 basic reference articles is planned for 2018, with the first 80 being delivered in December 2013. Every year, as the authoring and review process progresses, new articles and updates will appear. The Updates section will contain the latest published articles and the most recent updates to previously published ones. The listing of articles contains the titles of all the articles being developed at any given time. If you mouse over a title and find the message “Content not available” appearing, it means that this specific article is not yet published.

Payment and subscription options

Payment for articles is made by credit card. To find to more about the possibilities for subscribing to the Encyclopaedia, click on the Subscription tab. If you have any other questions or doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact us using one of the options shown in the Contact section. The Examples tab gives you access to some free samples of the Encyclopaedia’s content.

Can I buy individual articles?
Yes. Each article can be purchased separately. Once purchased, you can consult it as often as you like.

How can I purchase credits?
At the top right of your screen, you will see a shopping cart to add credits. If, when buying an article, you don’t have enough credits, you’ll be given the opportunity to purchase more.

What is a credit worth?
One credit = 1 euro.

What languages are the articles in?
Each article can be in different languages, in addition to Spanish. For one price, you can view it in all the languages in which it is available.

Can I print the articles? In which formats?
As well as being available for online consultation, articles can be downloaded in printable PDF format and in the EPub standard for e-books.


If you wish to register as an individual subscriber to the MEPIL, with access to all its contents, or if you are looking to subscribe as a public or private organisation (library, public body or university, professional firm, etc.), please contact us about subscription options by sending an e-mail to


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